A request to codechef

This is about the “Indian Programming Camps” 2016-17 conducted by Codechef. The videos of the lectures from these camps were uploaded on Codechef’s youtube channel. However, all those videos have been made private now
SnackDown Training Camp Day 1
SnackDown Training Camp Day 2
SnackDown Training Camp Day 3
Lectures from Indian Programming Camp 2016 | CodeChef

These were videos on advanced topics by great competitive programmers who are all an inspiration for us. I request Codechef team to make these videos public again so all Codecheffers can learn and benefit from them.

Thank You :slight_smile:


Please help

You can find them here - IPC Camps YT Links - Public - Google Sheets

Please help us organize these better by suggesting appropriate titles and descriptions for the videos - you can edit them on the doc. We’ll create proper playlists once this is done.