ACM amritapuri round 2015



ACM Chennai and Kolkata replay rounds for 2015 were held recently. When will the replay round for ACM Amritapuri be hosted?

Also, will codechef publish editorial for the problem for the Onsite mirror of Amritapuri contest which was hosted today?


It has already taken place !! :smiley:


Editorials have also been posted.Check it out!!


It has already happened. Even editorials published :stuck_out_tongue:


Links to the editorials please (ONSITE ROUND NOT ONLINE)
Cant find any :!


Forget the past, focus on future contests


Hi All,

Where can I practice the problems that appeared in amritapuri onsite round? I did not find any problems listed in the Practice Problems on Codechef.

Also the link to the editorials (if published) would be helpful.



You can practise them after codechef does the needfull :!
2 months and counting …