Ajay Kumar Verma >>>> 10 * tourists

Do you guys have any idea who is this guy or who are these guys ?:

account number 2 and 9 are currently on the top of Div1 and Div2 leaderboards

yeah I only know 2 and 9 as they are on the top in respected divisions

I think everyone knows ? North Koreans are famous for cheating in codechef long challenges, they participate in teams in long challenge and have been caught on many occasions. 90% of the times, they were overlooked , even after north korean guys kept bringing rank 1 in long challenge by submitting all solutions in last 5 minutes of long .

Here is the complete story :

North koreans occupy the top 3 positions in september long challenge

Codechef closes all such posts lol .

Most of the North Koreans , having multiple fake accounts of 7*just by cheating lol .

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They are 2 north koreans who are doing long in team again , they do this with new accounts everytime , literally abusing long since years , and codechef takes no action lol. They even keep username the same , its like total disrespect to codechef : We will cheat, you just wait and watch , lol .

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Two 7-Stars north korean coders caught cheating : [DEC'14] Even winners cheat

Then , they cheated several times after that , by different accounts lol . xd.

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Unfortunately now it looks even more suspicious as if codechef is intentionally overlooking these things

I didn’t know about these activities of koreans XD

See full proof of cheating : Weird behaviour of "North Korea" (no disrespect) on global rank list

But codechef never paid attention to it as you can see by admin’s replies.

I tried to showcase this north korean cheating , months before, and admin locked that post as well.


According to my observations in last 1-2 years , this is what north koreans do on codechef.

Have a team of 5-6 people, have like 30-40 fake accounts on codechef, cheat and make every account 7* on codechef by long challenge .

In north korea , 70% coders are 6*/7* coders lol(they are same fake accounts xd)

Seems like its an order from Kim Jong xd


2 of the highest rated coders on codechef have cheated lol , god knows how many times. Xd.

Even a dumb person can get the idea/pattern by looking at how same their usernames are lol .

More cheating here : North koreans occupy the top 3 positions in september long challenge

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Why are they even taking long challenges this seriously, like what are they gonna get even if they win it apart from a few laddus (assuming codechef overlooks them again)?

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They might be feeling like awesome for fooling codechef so many times lol

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Yeah it looks like that only as I don’t see any other reason :joy:

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Apparently, they are the same account of 1 guy who wats to cheat. Tourist*100

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Amazing, I just read all the links you provided, they are doing cheating openly and codechef is doing nothing…

same in this case…it is crystal clear that this guy must have atleast 2 accounts, but codechef will do no harm to his id


Codechef value has gone very down , its reputation is so bad due to mass cheating.

They should atleast look into 7* coders cheating case, which happens every month by north koreans .

7* on codechef also has not much value these days if it is acquired by only long xd

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this is nothing… i know several people on linkedin whose ratings went up by plagiarism and now they boast about their ratings
i know even more people who managed to reach a rating and hasnt solved a problem ever since…


They all are good people . They don’t improve their skills . I think this happens to majority of Indian users on Codechef who get gumraah by long challenges.

This helps people like me to perform good in actual short contests like cookoff,lunchtimes,cf,kickstart,etc. cuz I never see all these guys there <3 It feels like so much less competition . Feeling of relaxation :slight_smile:

Though I did not perform good in any cookoff/lunchtime , but I feel really easy to perform average as very less people participate lol .

cf has a lot of people who dont participate in cc, so not much of reduced competition there
you performed decent enough imo…i probably wouldnt manage those ranks either

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