April Long Challenge

When does April Long Challenge ratings will be updated. Already 2 days have been completed .


I guess this is the maximum time taken for updating ratings ever for long challenge.
usually almost around 12 -15 hours is taken for evaluation of the updated ratings.

May be this time they are checking for plagiarism before updating ratings.

this time, they have to rejudge the challenging problem(answer leak), which is supposedly time taking

There was a update by codechef on 13 April 2020 at 8:30 pm which said that due to large number of submissions and large number of test cases the checking will take a longer time which was mentioned about a couple of days and hence, the rating will be updated after that. It’s about 42 hrs since the contest has ended so you have to make patience for more 6 hrs atleast.
You can visit the announcement section here Contest Page | CodeChef.

ok thanks for your kind information

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