Are any compiler flags set on the online judge?

Does the online judge have any compiler flags set?

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Updated list here: What are the compiler options that the judge uses?


Here is more complete answer -

Previous part is from FAQ -


Is ONLINE_JUDGE actually set properly?

Please look at this question for an example.


You can check yourself, for example by throwing exception if not set :wink: If there is flag missing, please write an e-mail to

I did check and it is ALSO being set for the IDE (which is not what we want).

Sent email to bugs. Thanks.

Also, we can use #ifdef instead, right ?

Rust code is not being compiled with -O as claimed, and this is slowing down Rust submissions dramatically, making Rust unusable for many problems. :frowning:

See Bug report: Rust code is being compiled in debug mode without optimization for reproducible proof. I’ve gotten no response yet from my report to bugs@. (Edit: Actually I got a reasonably quick “we’ll look into this” response that landed in my spam folder, but that’s all so far.)

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