astonished to see the number of submissions

upvoting is not that big issue , i want admin to take care of thiss and have fair challenges


these type of things is happening from quite a few time and @admin is just too busy to have a look at such things so i request @admin please look into this matter and plz take some strict action against such guys so that in future these type of things dont happen

yes, this is really unfair to all the other participants.
please take some serious action regarding this.

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What do you expect the admin to do ?? I agree with you all but i see that only way to stop this is by stopping those people who post solutions online .


@admin please get hold of this amitamit whosoeva it is . the codes are there in the youtube , you can take a note on that, and they might help you.

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We try sooo hard to solve them and these shameless people (who are an insult to Competitive programming) just insult our hardwork. This is not fair. Codechef has to do something. Its big time. This will greatly affect Codechef’s credibility and reputation. this is the profile of the guy who posts solutions during contests. Ban him!!


The only thing this thread is accomplishing is increasing the popularity of the website/youtube channel.

Legally, The only thing that the admin can do is to request them to take down the videos/posts and/or ban their codechef accounts. They cannot forcibly take down the mentioned website/youtube channel.


One way is to keep a plagiarism check with the source code available on the youtube channel and other sites.I wanted to upvote but cannot due to less karma.

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I have a completely different take on this. This is for fun/learning. By no way someone can copy and paste and be a good programmer. This is not a hiring contest and even though this was the candidate would bomb in real interview. If a person is not able to solve, just see the solution from a learning point of view.

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@admin I think admin should contact this guy and should have conversation over these things…

His contact details is available at whois database.

I can’t upvote anybody’s comments ;(


We have been working on this for nearly a week. Rest assured that this will be taken care of.


I just visited codesfiction and realized that the admin himself is unable to solve the problems… But others(who have solved the questions) are disclosing their solutions or helping them in some way… Yes the site and the channel should be taken down immediately as codechef ratings often provide advantage to people when companies come to hire them for job or for internship. And guys you also must restrict yourself from such practices. Because you might get a 6* rating like this but you wont learn anything. If you have solved the problem keep it to yourself. No need to publicly announce how to solve them.

Right Guys. This is spoiling the CodeChef fun. Please do something to stop this. I am also shocked by this news.

yeah, I would confess that I cheated in SnackDown REPLAY , round …I just submitted other people’s codes only, and in that contest, the submissions were public…and everyone did that…right??


this should be stopped

could not upvote due to less karma , can someone upvote me please!

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What codechef can do is ,during the contest ,the display page on which the question appears ,that can be restricted such that no one can cut/copy or paste anything from that page. So that people cannot copy the code from various sources & paste it on the IDE.**
**This way they’ll have to type the code anyhow.

If cut,copy,paste is prohibited then people can’t copy code from the ide/texteditor in which they code like codeblocks,dev etc.Passionate people always avoid these malpractices.People who copy paste other’s code will do it for only few months and after that he/she would get bored and will have no pleasure doing that.But once if he/she thinks for days and gets a green tick,the pleasure he/she would get cannot be equalised even by royal riches.So my advice for people who copy is to awake asap and enjoy the pleasure of getting green ticks by yourself.

I dont think copy pasting is a major problem here. Infact, the problem is copying someone else’s logic or way of solving a problem without making any major effort from ur side.