Atcoder C-XYZ Triplets problem

How to solve this question?
Please help,

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Just apply Brute Force

But how



Maximum value of any variable (x,y,z) can be ~100. So, you can do something like this-

'''Author- Akshit Monga'''
list=[0 for i in range(10**4+1)]
for x in range(1,100):
    for y in range(1,100):
        for z in range(1,100):
            var=x**2 +y**2 +z**2 +x*y +y*z +z*x
            if var<=10**4:
for i in range(1,n+1):

x , y , z will always be <=100

or else, x^2 or y^2 or z^2 > 10^4


To find the maximum value-
put y=z=1
you’ll get a quad equation
x^2+2x + 3= 10^4
x will be ~100.

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Won’t it show TLE… 3 nested loops??

100 * 100 * 100 = 106 , will be okay for 1 testcase.

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If there were multiple test cases then also It is fine. That part is just pre-calculation.

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I also edited this in my comment but what if queries will be upto 104 and each time N = 104

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It is border case. Might work upto T=10^3. Will work for sure if T=10^2.

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Yeah, that’s will be okay.

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What are queries? You’re already asked for all of the values f(1)...f(n)

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Yeah, for this question there is only 1 testcase, but In case we have to calculate f(1), f(2)…f(n) for more than 1 testcase i.e. T=104 then it will give TLE.

Please tell me when I reply to someone, why it doesn’t show a reply icon on top right.

Do you mean outputting 10^8 numbers?

It doesn’t show a reply icon if the person you replied to is directly above you.

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I didn’t notice that. :grin: