Biggest Scammer on LinkedIn Kumar K or Karan Gujar

Guys ! I found Karan Gujjar.

Request to Admin and People, Please don’t remove this post, this is a serious scam, please read it at least.

He’s once again scamming people, but this time on LinkedIn.

Kumar K this is his LinkedIn

He is now pretending to be an ex- employee and scamming college sophomores and freshers mostly, selling shitty courses and taking money for guidance.

I asked him 3 easy questions.

  1. What team did you worked on at
  2. Who was your recruiter?
  3. Name any collegue that worked with you on

But, he would delete my comments and block me… (the usual karangreat tricks)

I tried to be a whistleblower and expose his tricks many times on LinkedIn but he somehow reports and get my account removed. So, im making this post here.

I’m quite surprised young kids are actually falling for his scam, his whole LinkedIn is a sham, no proofs and only boasting (again karan gujjar cant live without boasting) .

Read his old discuss posts and you’ll see a connection: link

I request everyone to be aware of such scammers online, and don’t pay even a single penny to him. He’s just a jobless cheater who never achieved anything big in life.

Internet is full of scams bro