Can you explain this dp string problem?

problem link :

I don’t understand the editorial of this problem as I am new to dp. A thorough explanation would be very very helpful.

editorial link:

I haven’t seen the editorial but here is an easy solution which I can see :

1)All the strings should be rotation of each-other .

2)So just pick up the first string and see if all other strings are its rotations or not.

3)If all are the rotations, then go to step-4, else print “-1”

4)Say the first string is “abcdef”

5)Aim for:- “abcdef” and calculate the total cost .

6)Then aim for :- “bcdefa”…and do the same.

7)In short aim for all the possible rotations, and calculate their cost .

8)Minimum of all these costs is your answer :slight_smile: