Chef and Chain (CHEFCH)



In the February challenge 2015, there is a problem “Code and Chain” (CHEFCH).
Is a sequence chain sequence if the sequence contains single char like + or -?


It is very very clearly mentioned in the question … Please read line no. 2,3 and 4 carefully.


plus 1
i too have the same doubt…


Read the comments on the question. Things like these will surely have been discussed there.


“The sequence is called Chain if each two neighbouring symbols of sequence are either ‘-+’ or ‘±’.”


means they will be considered as chains ?? ans in case of +/- would be 0???


I get it that it will be a chain only if the neighbouring symbols are -+ or ±, so a single + or - won’t be a chain sequence, but even if we replace it with other symbol, it won’t be a chain sequence, so what output should be displayed?


dpraveen answered it on problem page as it is a chain sequence
see the third comment