Codechef Dark theme

I request @admin for dark theme mode on codechef it would be cool and easy for all who got strain in eyes by using light theme for long period of time.

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You can use this chrome extension : Dark Mode!!

Dark Reader

i have tried but these extensions are not that good

Discuss has a dark mode, which you can set by going to -> Interface -> Theme.

The IDE also includes a partial dark mode which you can access by clicking on Settings, Theme, and typing “Dark”.

As for the whole website, it is in our plans, but unfortunately we’re not sure when we’ll get to implementing it fully.


one more request admin just like codefores … please add “copy” button after test case so we copy exact test cases in one click :slight_smile:


yes it will be really helpful

I just found out about the forums dark theme and its really good, thanks to admin!

@admin Really LOVED the Dark Mode. Please Provide the same feature for the same for so that

Coders can solve MORE Problem Without Eye Straining.


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One could make it using Tampermonkey. Let’s see. :smiley: