Codechef Rating Predictor

Nice one yaar

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loved it thank u codechef ,very useful

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Awesome man :).

A humble suggestion:
Mark the positive rating changes with a green color and a + sign. Likewise mark the negative with red and a - sign. :slight_smile:

WOW! This is 100% accurate! Great work.

I hope July17 comes out too.
Great work.

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Great Work with great accuracy.

Is there an extension for this like there is one for the cf predictor?

For those who cannot find the links for latest like me,
just copy paste the give link , and change the contest name

At present for COOK84 it is showing same username 2 times.
Once for current rating and other for initial rating (1500).
Is it a bug or a new feature? :smiley:

Why isn’t it updated for July lunchtime?


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September17 lunchtime rating predictor ?? please thanks

October 17 rating predictor please ??? . Thanks in advance.

oct long rating predictor

Does codechef decrease your rating if i have a wrong attemp on a question but i am not on the ranklist.

@subham911 yes,they decrease the rating…this happened to me in previous Lunchtime you can see my graph for confirmation…

Prediction for October Lunchtime (LTIME53) is not working. It is showing the error

Error: No contest predictions found for such contest!

Please make the NOV COOKOFF predictor.


@vsp4 shows,
Error: No contest predictions found for such contest

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Why January long challenge rating predictor not updating?

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