CodeChef Traditions (Unoffical)



why one does not demand from setter that he must make admin understand solution

Codechef is already suffering from lack of good setters. Then, most of setters are international whose English may be weak. So it solves the editorialist’s issue but hosting contest becomes very difficult.


Last time I applied to problemset, cc took 1 year to reply so I didn’t problem set. I again applied like a month ago. Reply pls


cc will reply if your problem is good enough… they replied me too soon…


@l_returns - Contrary to your usual goodie-goodie attitude, this time you gave a hell lot of sick burn XD


@vijju123, it seems strange that setter who can create task and solution for hard problem has so weak writing technical English. It is rather endeavour to hide unwillingness to write exhaustive editorial.


I remember getting setter’s notes in foreign language once… so :stuck_out_tongue:


They approved it last time. This time Hasan replied yesterday that he was busy so he’ll look into it now


sorry @mathecodician… I didn’t mean that way… :slight_smile:


there can be multiple reasons for not replying (he might be busy)… but 1 year is too long… hence I said…


Congrats Bro.


@vijju123, but someone is translating problem’s task into English, so this one can translate editorials too.


No, he doesn’t translate. What happens is that, the setters “try” to write it in english - no matter how bad. The statement verifier then begins his work of improving the problem statements to something readable - and may involve multiple round of clarifications from setters. TLDR, that guy cant help mostly :frowning:


Hoping that one day it will be resolved :wink:


This time first birthday gift from chef and IIT BHU within a week. Contest declared unrated.


@aryanc403 maybe you should add that point written under “Waiting to Add” now.


pls make the test cases open after contest

sometime we spend considerable amount of time thinking of a logic and it does not pass for certain cases

Its get frustrating because:-

now am confused whether my logic needed slight modification or it was completely wrong at the beginning

Just coz my approach does not match with the editorialist(or author or tester) does not mean that it was wrong

Sorry but I must say that some of the editorials are really hard to understand due to uncommented, poorly written code with stupid variable names

I have literally seen code on many editorials having variable called ‘MAGIC’

Edit:- See the author’s and editorialist’s solution to below problem

PP - Editorial

Seriously!! are u kidding me…


There have been a lot of discussions stating why testcases won’t be released, so please don’t insist on changing this finalised decision.


@infinitepro APRIL19 long had incorrect constraint for 1 ques

there is a discussion topic abt it too

this shows that setters are human and they make mistakes too

why shld us worry that our soln is incorrect when the improper input format is the culprit

some lang wont mind leading or trailing extra spaces but some does

There is no genuine and sensible ans why they are not making test cases open

those who don’t want to be a good programmer do not care abt ques that they couldn’t do anyways


OK! There was a mistake. I agree.
Now what are you going to do with the test cases? Take it on a procession to CC headquarters? File a case in the Consumer Court showing evidence? Start an online petition to boycott CC?
Your arguments make no sense. CC understands there was a mistake and nothing (sensible) could be done about it.

I don’t have much knowledge of JAVA (the lang you use), but successful submissions were also made using JAVA. So I don’t think this is language-concerned unfairness.

Also, I won’t go through the entire reason why test cases won’t be made public, but I’ll tell you this :

  • There is no fun in solving questions if you are told about what the corner cases are.
  • The best part of problem-solving is locating corner cases for every question and making logical solutions to tackle them. Absence of corner cases reduces the questions to the classical, standard questions in algorithms and DS.
  • The integrity of question difficulty is reduced when people use these test case’s and make a lookup table of results for every test case using results of a Brute Force approach.

Thus, I ask you kindly, not to post further questions on why test cases won’t be released.


bro you misinterpreted my statement

am not suggesting to show popup for WA stating actual expected output

obvio its dumb and will take away the satisfaction of solving the prob

what i was suggesting is that revealing the test cases shld be optional so that u can find out where you went wrong (consider it as releasing ans key for entrance exams like JEE and CET)

its up to you. Check test cases only when you reached your breaking point otherwise its your own loss
EDIT:- may be charge some virtual coins like hackerrank