College wise Codechef ratings- please see this site

Profile image can only be updated by admin(- @skbly7 ).You will have to contact him or wait for him to respond to this post

@sobhagya Corrected college image of “Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Delhi” seeing it from your codechef’s profile.

and also you can tell any time about any problem in future too, by filling “Report a bug” form/sending fb msg…


your request was complete today’s afternoon only. I think you did’nt check it, also after adding your college email was sent to you. :slight_smile:

@skbly okay

@skbly7 please add my college "Government College Of Engineering, Kannur ".

@shibinkv54 added successfully… :slight_smile:

@skbly7 thanx.

which rank list are you talking about?

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which section are you referring to ?

can you provide a link…

all the rank list are automatically updating in every 5 minutes…

yes i too think this should be done by codechef.

thanks sir… :slight_smile:

Great site. Gives additional motivational boost for solving problems!

@skbly7 Can you please add my college “Avanthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishakapatnam”.I tried many times but not added yet

@skbly7 can you please add National Institute of Technology Agartala to your list , I have filled the form and already posted on your facebook page… Looking forward … thanks in advance

@upendra1234 your college has been added successfully just now… :slight_smile:
Sorry for so much delay in this work.

@RamSan13_ your college has been added successfully… :slight_smile:

yes it is showing in inactive state. Reason being your profile have never took part in any short competition… :slight_smile:

While your profile is in active state only in long ranking (as you have took part in it).

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@skbly7 Thanks for adding

thanks for the info

Ranking have been updated for Long Contests.

Don’t forget to check

  • Individual rank change since last month’s rank.
  • Your friend’s and other college mate’s progress.
  • Your new and updated rank in your college.
  • You have got a green arrow or red.