Data Structures and Algorithms



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More on Fenwick tree…might help


For Tower of Hanoi, I suggest you link it to The link you specified only gives the code for it and does attempt to explain the problem. The Wikipedia link explains it properly.


I will try to help you by solving some of the questions myself.


This is awesome work. Thank you everyone! :smiley: and i thought i would suggest this: for some of the main topics. It was Stanford’s course meant specifically for programming competitions. It helped me a lot. Sorry, if is present in the list already ! :slight_smile:

This contains nice illustrations.


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Hi I find this site useful.You can also try that.


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To understand how algorithms word, link below is very useful,
VisuAlgo - visualising data structures and algorithms through animation


calculating nCr

also RMQ is more clearly described here


For edit Distance:- and for introduction:–Fischer_algorithm


please post some links of tutorials on voronoi diagrams,online construction of 3D convex hull,deunay triangulation and other computational geometry algorithms which are commonly used.Thanks in advance.


Can someone add more links to DP optimization techniques?


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Here are a few more questions which you are add to the binary Indexed tree section:


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A topic that appears alot these days in many programming contests is Matrix exponentiation. Can someone suggest a good tutorial on that with the variety of problems. Any help will be highly appreciated.


Thanks for this good information. Mathematics for programming will be helpful.

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This is for dynamic programming, especially for the beginners:

Click here

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