Data Structures and Algorithms



best algorithm link I had so far. Awesome!!


Thank you for this will really help a lot.


Terima kasih dan salam kenal.
codechef Link

code Link


Terima kasih dan salam kenal.
codechef Link

code Link


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                 I too have a suggestions but i just posses tutorials they are Advanced C++ cources covering STL and Mycodeschool however mycodeschool have many practise Problems too for doing.

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for learning data structures :


This initiative has really helped me and my friends out in studies and understanding the most important and basic concepts. :slight_smile:
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link number 80 not working …can u please update !!


Sparse Table Problem


There is this blog having great tutorials on Math related problems. You may add this to the list.


suffix arrays___________very informative ----------------


GOD Has sent U :).This will help me a lot as I belong from non cse background :slight_smile:


how can anyone add link to algo to this list…?


take a look at


How the 1st bullet (Binary search) has This as a related binary search problem?


Hope somebody can Learn the Algorithms and might beat Gennady Korotkevich ( @tourist ) :slight_smile:


can anyone suggest some good problems of increasing level on fft?


Please update the broken hungarian algorithm link of top coder with:
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Really a very good initiative taken and a great help for starters in programming.


for longest common sequence its usefull using D.P. :slight_smile: