Data Structures and Algorithms



There are many links which don’t work… eg
Binary Search (2nd Tutorial and Implementation),
QuickSort (Implementation)


Please update link for [56] Hungarian-algorithm


I want to report a broken link.
Branch and Bound link is broken. I found this article through google search and think this is the pdf which it links to :

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i just heard about a new technology website and i asked some questions there. And i m sure that will provide all answer of question you have.

See this:-Data stracture


For Convex hull add monotone chain convex hull algorithm. It works in O(n*logn) and is simplest of all


Is there a website reviewing which data structures and algorithms are used in specific well-known software/websites (such as mysql, postgresql, jdk, android, google ranking…)

for instance, JDK8 Arrays.sort usess trimsort alg. mysql uses quicksort+external sort. open street maps routing uses dijkstras…

ps: I am not asking about common data structures and alg in general. I am asking about the internals of some specific well known products.

pss: otherwise, which are the best IT applied research blogs or talks? such as


for Rabin-karp there is a problem on hackerearth >>


Please update topcoder tutorial links.


Tutorial on maximum flow in two sections:

Section 1

Section 2

A nptel lecture on Maximum bipartite matching: here

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all the links of topcoder is broken please update it.


Ternary Search: []


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The following links are helpful for data structure and algirithm.

1.Data Structure



Topcoder links are broken. Please update them.


Great initiative…I hope i can too contribute to giving more problems based on these algorithms.
It was of great help for me.


Data structures and Algorithms are two important concepts when it comes to learning any programming language, functional or object oriented, from the ground up. In order to master a language, you must first master the basic groundwork for that language.


Indeed a good initiative
Apart from this we can also solve problem on sites like spoj and geeksforgeeks.
Good work.!!


Great. Thank you for helping me learn new algorithms and data structures.


add FFT to the collection


Thanks .These links are really useful for newbies like me.