Determine the winner :HackerEarth june circuits video editorial

prerequisites : A little bit of knowledge of programming

Determine TheWinner

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Can you make for “Function Value” ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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will be uploaded in less than 24 hours , i have some work to do , after that I’ll upload.

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Can you upload for the GCD problem?

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yes i can explain but i have used mobius inversion to solve that problem.
To understand that approach you should have knowledge of
dirichlet convolution
dirichlet inversion
and at last mobius inversion.

if you want i can give you sources from where you can study them.

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Yes, it would be very helpful. I don’t even have a slightest of idea about them

Multiplicative Functions


Mobius Functions

mobius - inversion (with example problem)

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function value editorial

This link alone was sufficient for me

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