Different output on codechef ide as compared to outputs on other ide

i am getting different output on codechef ide when i am processing my program how is this possible ? i am getting desired output on

dev c++.

how to fix this issue or what is solution of this ?

What outputs do you get on both? If this is not from an ongoing contest, can you post your code and question link?

the output problem is fixed i am getting correct output but on submission it is showing WA.

Then your code just fails to give correct output on all the inputs. Try all kinds of inputs in ide like corner cases, multiple test cases, big values, etc to see if you get correct output.

the range of input is defined so big cases are not there

Now try with large constraint…

what is multiple test cases, corner cases?

Is there any way to debug codes in C++?

containts mentained in question are under 1000

Multiple tests cases means more than one case. This helps with if you’re not printing a “\n” after every case or similar problems. Corner cases are special cases, like zeroes, ones, bottom and top limits of constraints, etc.

if the problem is not from ongoing contest then you can post the problem… so i can debug the code…

it is from ongoing contest that’s why i am not posting code