Does honesty has no rewards? 🥺

Some people used to discuss the algorithm etc of the questions of ongoing contest from their brother, relatives,friends etc offline and in result get good rank/rating.:angry:
Because of which the rank/rating of the person like me who work day and night to solve the question on their own goes down.:pleading_face:
Please, do something for the honest person(like me).
Support honest coding contest.


Rating doesn’t matter, knowledge matters…keep coding


Bro, in life scenario is something like this only. So, just give your best.


Bro, Practise Hard and show them your knowledge in Short Contests like COOK-OFF, LUNCHTIME.


That is one of the reasons why I rarely participate in Long Challenges. I only do short contests.


Kaha tak cheating kareyga bhai !
Tu interview nikal k dikha diyo aur unko sabak de dena .


YAaaaAY :slight_smile:

Bro in the long term ,They won’t get their brothers,sisters relatives or any friends during realtime coding interview ,So ignore them and their ratings hike ,Just focus on urself. :wink:


Bro @shubhamkumar68 its a small things . Corruption is everywhere “it’s in the government ruling our country u are talking about a contest”. My only point is just give your best and u will find yourself 1 step ahead of these cheaters a day.


What can Codechef actually do about this? :sweat_smile:


This is the common scenario in every long challenge so just leave it and practice hard to do the best in short contest.

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I checked your profile, and I suggest you to work on gaining knowledge rather than falling in trap of ratings and stars. You are a beginner, don’t lose focus just because of ratings.


That means it goes like that!

How to be successful?
Focus on your own life.”

Instead of wasting time to think about others, you can better think about solution to problem. :upside_down_face:


Well as other people says rating really don’t matter too much , I agree to it as well . But also you say that people ask queries from their relatives or friends . I think there is nothing wrong in it as even if they ask they are haring themselves . Moreover like while during a short contest I guess people dont have much time to help others more. These type of things only affects others in Long challenges , so one can see the difference in their intelligence in short contest vs long contest…

The main aim of long contest is learning. so, don’t care about your ratings just give your best and learn as much as you can.

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you are doing your work honestly and would get rewarded for it too. so your honesty
do have reward. In long challenge important is to learn, hence its okay to discuss ideas behind
the problem provided you don`t copy paste code. your honesty has value what else you want?

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Honesty will pay you itself.It doesn’t need anyone to pay.It doesn’t need anyone else to give rewards.
And yes , no one can get a 5 , 6 or 7 star with cheating.One needs to be honest to achieve this.

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In interviews no one is there to help. Contest will get over in 10 days, but knowledge will be with us. Some people learn by discussing, some people learn by solving on their own. :+1:

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ab bro kya kare mera vi tumahri tarah same halat hai kisi tarah muskil se 2 question kiya mai codechef ka question fir vi ban jata hai lekin codeforces ka toh 1 question bante bante hi time over ho jata hai

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