Doubt Regarding ACM ICPC 19-20

We have registered for Asia-Amritapuri Regional on Baylor Site and after that we went to for the payment.

I have paid and I have not received any acknowledge about it. Can anybody tell me what to do ?

If you have done the payment, a mail would have come to the registered email address with details of your transaction. For your confirmation, you can regularly check the amritapuri website. There is a google sheet for the teams who have successfully paid the registration fee. It will take some time to change the status of your team .Mine has not changed too :smiley: Sit back and relax. For more queries, you can always contact

I haven’t received any mail but the amount was deducted from my account and still pending status.

If you have not got the mail regarding transaction details , you should contact your bank if that payment was successfull or canceled. if the payment was successfull, you can get the details regarding the transaction from your bank and then contact amrita univeristy if the registration was done or not. Hope it helps.

Check your spam, I found my payment confirmation mail there. Also, the Google Sheet gets updated in max 1-2 days.

I found the mail in the spam. Thanks dude.

Payment was confirmed and our team has been updated in their google sheets, but no mail has been received. Is it something to be worried about?