DOWNLOAD FEATURE for Problem TEST CASES after Contest is Over for Upsolving/Debugging

I believe it’s time for Codechef to implement a feature, allowing the downloads of test cases for the problems when a contest is over.
I see most of the time, students new/experienced to competitive programming, keep posting their code in the Codechef discuss asking for help on identifying what’s wrong with it, sometimes they do get help if someone looks at it, sometimes they don’t.
It would be highly beneficial for candidates to upsolve and debug the codes on their own after a Contest is over.

@admin let us know if this is possible, I can put together this myself if given access to the Codechef API and docs.


See e.g. here. Testcases are deliberately not provided, and I see no indication that this will change.


The explanation is vaguely old(~from 2012), and does not stand true today for a number of reasons, primarily because,

The Codechef community has grown vastly today and this was unimaginable in 2012, almost 8 years now, today many of the newcomers and even experienced programmers have multiple avenues to pursue competitive programming and not giving certain features and OPIONIONATING the APPROACH to PROBLEM-SOLVING is highly retributive in Nature.

The explanation might be old, but the idea remains fairly the same. The idea is not to given anyone the test cases, because that just brings down the competitive spirit. In real life coding interviews, the corner cases will not be there, but of course, there will be an interviewer, who can detect a wrong answer. The main purpose for Codechef not showing test cases like codeforces is to help the people develop the skills of debugging for their future, which is a very positive sign for Codechef according to me.