Dynamic Programming Course : basics to Digit DP (27 July 2020 : 2 editorial added)

I always do that , I teach certain concept then take 1 or problem from some online judge and show the implementation.


sir please make a video on this problem.

I have a problem related to this , I will try this one too.
thanks for suggestion

When we will get the next videos on DP?

Please make a video on this problem.

27 July 2020 : video editorial added
E005 : Unique Paths | Leetcode
E006 : Unique Paths II | Leetcode

Can anybody please explain how to approach this problem: https://www.codechef.com/problems/DGTCNT. I went through editorial but unable to understand.

that’s a medium level problem and requires knowledge of “dp with bit-mask”.

I advice you to first learn dp with bitmask , solve 2 - 3 easy problems using that knowledge (you can find problems related to this concept here : Link )

then after try this problem again.


Thanks. I will be solving problems suggested by you first.

Could anybody tell me the approach to this problem ?