editorials not updated completely

when will the editorials of the toughest 3 problems of NOV-13 challlenge be updated ??
Also when will the ratings be updated…when it gets delayed soo much all the interest goes off :frowning:


A week ago, the same question got an answer “maybe the authors are trying to base the editorial on various approaches of AC solutions”. Now, such an answer no longer acceptable. It’s probably just that nobody wants to write them.

So, the reason’s up now.

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Waiting eagerly for the editorials. Want to learn HL decomposition and its applications in those two questions . @admin please put up the editorials soon .


Well, we deeply regret the turn of events in this case. Apparently, the editorialist has no more time to finish the editorials. We were hoping that since he has taken up the assignment he would finish it, but it does not seem likely. We are unable to reach out to him.

This is truly embarrassing for us and this is not something that we expect our users to go through. We should have been better prepared with a backup plan. We never expected this to happen and to be honest, we faltered in not anticipating this. We will try and speak to the problem setting panel and those who have solved all the problems to help us write these editorials. How much time this will take, we do not know. We will try our best is all we can say.

If any one of you, who has solved these problems and want to take this up, please get in touch with us. We want you to go through a couple of links here: http://www.codechef.com/problemsetting#Editorial_Writing_Rules and here: http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/19313/what-makes-a-good-codechef-editorial. You will be eligible for the whole payment that the editorialist gets for a long contest.


Hello @sp1rs,

The problem is that usually people are somewhat demanding from an entire team that consists of Setters + Editorialists + Testers + Observers + Translators, which can be living on opposite sides of the world, each member with his/her own personal affairs, along university affairs, different timezones AND Codechef, and you can easily see that things can get out of hand if everything is not smoothly managed. This is not an easy task to manage smoothly at all and it is sometimes inevitable that mistakes and delays can happen along the way.

However, one thing I can assure you:

This team is awesome and in general it is (in every month) composed by very intelligent, bright and dedicated people which sometimes sacrifice some of their time and energy to do what they love the most:

Learning Algorithms and give you guys the most awesome monthly contest you can attend to.

And we love to do it and I’m sure that the editorialist had a good reason to not being able to finish the last editorials, but, don’t let such small thing get in the way of the joy you had when you were attending the contest.

Start a new thread, ask questions, inspect the links that @bela_mervado gave on the other post and I’m sure some community members will be more than glad to help you out :slight_smile:


Bruno Oliveira


As said by @kuruma ,Please refer to this answer by @bela_mervado and to the 3rd answer on this page by @tibip and @mugrielionut 's comment below it to get some head start on the approach to these problems

simple question then : why are the editorials not written BEFORE the contest start ?

i don’t mean published, i mean written. thus this situation couldn’t happen again.

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Rating delay , editorial delay… what’s happening to codechef??

That doesn’t help much IMO. We can pretty much guess from the difficuluty that both tree problems will require advanced tree techniques (divide and conquer by node is out of the question here; HLD, then, and since MONOPLOY asks for sums, there should be segment trees/BITs involved in there at least). Still, the actual solutions are about much more than just knowing the textbook algorithms. It’s like claiming about a string problem that it’s solvable using suffix trees.

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Thank you for explaining the situation. I’m really glad that you are being transparent about it.


I know. I doubt anyone will understand much reading from that. However it’s the only thing we have right now!!

So, nothing yet?