FED UP with this slow and unresponsive discuss now !!



codechef is never going to rise to the standards of a good competitive coding site if they continue to lag in the related activities


Honestly, I’m so fed up now, that I have stopped posting rants xD. I know that it’s just all pointless now xD.

I can imagine that 10 years later, when I open up Codechef to see how things are going then, I’ll be hit with nostalgia - “Ah! Codechef is just the same as always!” Tears of nostalgia roll down slowly.


ya chef is pretty lazy


I shared my problem idea in the initial days of Feb.

I assumed I’d get a reply for rejection/acceptance. I considered only 2 possibilities.

But I was wrong.

After waiting for 2 weeks I decided to write to codechef. After numerous emails, the last mail I received had “soon” in it.

I was very happy to know at least I’d receive rejection/acceptance email soon, instead of pending status. Right after, I made a few problems in case if that one doesn’t get accepted.

However, after waiting for 10 days I didn’t get any reply. I decided to write to codechef again. This time I sent one of my prepared problems which was better than the previous one. Still, I didn’t receive any email.

The last email I received was 2 weeks ago which had “soon” in it.

I talked with a few members who shared their experiences. Then I realized, a few weeks is not a long time here. I’m still waiting for the opportunity :slight_smile:


Well, if nothing else, they credited the laddoos for last 1+ month’s college contests today!

Let’s hope they credit the ones for their own contests soon as well :slight_smile:


I have still not got any laddus and neither has my Junior Rating for Feb 19 b IS INCREASED. I am fed up with this slow codechef. @admin


I have still not got any laddus and neither has my Junior Rating for Feb 19 b IS INCREASED. I am fed up with this slow codechef. @admin


Maybe being NON-PROFITABLE ORGANISATION has its own downside.
Codechef should start being Profitable now, or else I don’t think the response’ condition is going to improve…!!!


@vijju123 @admin


+2 …


Hahaha nice one…


dedicated to you @black_truce XD


don’t loose hope

future will be more better than present.: )


I was wondering how long is "soon" when it comes to codechef ?



And then you’d proceed to order a drone from goodies website only to realize that its out of stock? XD


Does someone ever manage to cash in drone??


XD @vijju123


Maybe @vijju123 can… He has many laddus :wink:


@l_returns yes, maybe way too many :wink:


Yes, you are right. He farmed too many laddus along with karma :stuck_out_tongue:
Later he got bored playing with the drone. So, he asked @admin to stop awarding laddus to Top5 Contributors xD.