Getting runtime error! Google code jam

As you know google code jam is going on right now, I solved the first question when I run it on my ide it worked perfectly fine passes all the test cases, it didn’t have any issue back then. But when I submitted it and run tests on the code jam editor it shows me a runtime error (RE). I’m not putting my code here just because the contest is on this time. Any idea how to solve this problem?

This is a practice round. So, you’re allowed to discuss. You can share the solution.

7.1 Qualification Round. Sharing information with other contestants is permitted in the Qualification round only. Notwithstanding Section 7.1(E) of the Terms, you will not be disqualified for using information from or sharing information with others about problems during the Qualification Round of Code Jam.


Thanks for the information, I just passed it when allocated array 0 based indexing, I think it was out of bound error maybe!

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I need some idea regarding question Reversort engineering. I am trying solving since last 12 hours. I have passed sample test cases but getting WA verdict regularly on test set1. Can anyone help what maybe the corner cases I am missing out. I have considered as much as test cases as I could