Google Kickstart Round F 2020

I felt this one was way too unbalanced from previous editions, speed was a major deciding factor this time

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Congratulations bro. I once saw the ranklist and you were Ranked 48 that time :fire::fire:

I am at a learning stage , and it’s when the contests are easy , I get a good rank, But I accept the fact that the questions were very easy, like the recent codeforces contest it’s just sad to accept that it wasn’t me but the contest :rofl:.

Thanks, tbh I luckily got 2.5 problems done reasonably fast and then spent rest of the time scribbling on paper as I thought that O(2^{s^2}) might TLE and it turns out it passed in time. :man_facepalming:

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Yeah very true, anyways best of luck for today’s round :+1:

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when will the next round be…? :confused: i missed this one

NICE dude, BTW ,How Many question you have solved ,

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you guys woke up at 5:30 for the contest , nice determination

Round G 2020

Start - Oct 18 2020, 17:30

End - Oct 18 2020, 20:30

Duration - 3 hrs

Go and this to your google calendar. it will remind you before 48 hours.

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How much time does it take for the certificate to come on my profile? :confused:
I gave my first kickstart contest today and haven’t been able to view such links on my profile yet.

Click on the icon on top left, then click view profile, and then view certificate.

I went into the view profile section. It showed a box with heading Kickstart 2020. In the box it showed “You competed in 1 round.”
But there’s nothing after that :joy:
No link for certifs…

there should be view certificate below " You competed in 1 round."

See its showing like this :

Same is happening with me

same happening with me , i could not find any certificate on my profile

Is there a way to access certificate for a particular round ?

No. I don’t think so.
on my profile Its showing like this.
All in one certificate.

Earlier It was showing like this.