Group for preparation of IOI and ACM



Am in! For ICPC!



Sir, I am a student and beginner in c/c++ programming. To learn more and to get more knowledge i would surely like to join this group. Mail ID-



Count Me in , i Have Been Fiddling With Programming Languages Quite a Lot but Got to Know About ACM ICPC and IOI in the Last Few Weeks , Would Definitely Love to Join and Need a Lot of Help :


i am also intrested and preparing for ACM ICPC 2015 :slight_smile:


Nice initiative,I am interested too! id -


Count me in :slight_smile:


Same here so I would also like to join!.
Facebook -
Gmail -



I would like to join.


Add me too:


Add me


Hey I would also like to join .


I am also intrested bro,can i be part of your learning team??


I would also like to join the group

added you on facebook.


I too would like to join the group:


Hi! I would love to join. I’ve sent a request to the group from


i’m all :slight_smile:


I am in Bro. Thanks for taking the initiative.