Guess the Prime! GUESSPRM

Can anyone tell me that in subtask 1 can I guess the prime no. in 2 queries or i have to ask more queries…
Thanx in advance…

As written in statement, " Before that, you may ask Shef at most M questions". So it is OK to ask any number of queries you want (if no more than M).

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I’m getting TLE -1.0000 verdict. How to fix that?. And one sub-task is getting AC. @bohdan
I’m using python.

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So, I have to flush the output on every line which I print or at the end of program?

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Yes that and also If you use c++ using endl will do.

In C use fflush(stdout) after printf to flush output.

Actually there is no need to flush the output in python. Print statement takes care of that. :slight_smile: