Guidance needed on ZIO

Dear Members,
I am a class xi cbse student. I have basic knowledge of Python and Maths. Kindly guide me on whether i can attempt ZIO for this year.
Also, kindly guide me on what topics i need to concentrate on .

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Hello @vnkt_6623 ,

Have you registered for ZIO ( last date is tomorrow :frowning_face:) , If you have already registered then start solving last year problems from

In many problems , we should use permutation combination so learn that , also learn how to solve grid problems from:

and dynamic programming

Thats it
All the best for ZIO !!!

Sudheera Y S

thanks for the reply.
Really happy to learn from a pro like you :slight_smile:


Thanks Sir for your guidance.
Unfortunately, I had missed the registration this year.
But, will follow your guidance for next year exam.

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