Help in Interactive Problem

I am using python for solving the interactive problem and I do know about the verdict (WA: -1) but this verdict is not known to me… and I tried flushing the output using stdout.flush() and print(,flush=True) as well, none of them worked!


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TLE(-1.000000) means that the idleness limit has exceeded. You are not inputting/outputting when required.

You should check your code and make sure you read all the inputs given by the judge.


can you also tell about WA(-1.000000)

It means you are exceeding number of questions you can ask.


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take input from judge corresponding to every output. your error is idle time limit exceeded

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It happened to me. In my case i wrote the code in c++ and so adding cout.flush() worked.
You can refer to this post Interactive Problems and the way to deal with them!

Thanks!! Now figured it out, was taking extra input from judge!..

Please, you should not discuss this here!!..