Horribly messed up editorial

Today, I was reading the editorial of the problem Ada Matrix. Here it is: Link. It was written by @vijju123

While reading it, many lines of text seemed difficult to read. At first, I thought, it was some kind of notation but on reading further, I realized they were all rendering errors. I am posting snapshots of some of the mistakes in the editorial. I believe that they’ve got to do something with the new discuss forum. If that’s the case, I request @admin to check it out for once as it might be the case that it has affected other blogs too.




And please consider making test cases of the problems public. That’ll be very helpful in upsolving problems.

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Yes. Devs said that there could be some Latex/Mathjax errors due to porting to new forum. I will inform this to admin, thanks for pinging.


does test cases for the problems released after the contest ?

No. Test cases are not released.

why ? are there any reasons?

Better to search it up. There are multiple discussions on it already.

Do they fix the latex errors manually? Because these errors are there in many (almost all?) editorials and other posts from the old Discuss. Also, in the editorial that @roll_no_1 has linked, some errors were fixed, but not all, which means manual fixing isn’t such a good idea/isn’t done properly.

As of now, if an error is reported, we first fix it manually and keep a record of the errors. We are going to use these errors to write a suitable script to fix those issues in all the posts. Please bear with us in the meantime and keep reporting such posts :slight_smile:

Where to report the errors ? People won’t be making separate posts for each blog post in which there are errors.

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Okay, here’s the same post being reported again: ADAMTR - Editorial. In the code just above setter’s solution, vis[u] and adj[u] are written as vis and adj respectively. Same thing in the dfs function in tester’s solution.

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The above banner is present in every page in the forum. Just report all the cases there.

Just stating it again, it says to mail the link of the affected posts to bugs@cdechef.com.