How did your cook-off go?

TL;DR Bad.
I soved the first question pretty late. My brain stopped working so I came up with a O(n^3) solution which clearly wouldn’t work. 15 minutes into the contest, I made an observation and quickly modified my code. AC in the first try. The second question went bad. I got a TLE verdict thrice. Ended up with a rank of 2601 which will definitely bring me back to 2 stars :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sorry, my bad. I misread your intuition.

Wait, do you mean \leq N? I think that is correct instead of what I said, so I’ll edit my comment. But I think the parity of the number of elements with odd occurrences must also be equal to the parity of N. I also think the second part will always be true if M is odd, so that doesn’t matter.

I think @aryan12 wanted to say <=N.
For instance, if n==3 && m==3
we have to rearrange
1 2 2
3 3 4
4 5 5
The ans is
2 1 2
3 4 3
5 4 5

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i got AC by doing it @aryan12

well you cant

Yeah, I meant that :pensive: I am overloaded currently so I am not in the best mood.

Hmm, I got a WA. I will check it later. Probably there might be weak cases, if my code passes on this.

Am I the only one who know the feeling when you solve a problem just a few minutes after contest ends???:sweat:


Rank 21, Couldn’t be happier :slight_smile:

Problem :- Roads and chefland

Can someone tell what’s wrong in this code.
It’s showing wrong answer on submission

Better than I expected…for the first time my rank came below 1000(i.e. 750). I solved the first in one try and the fourth in 2 tries(although it did took me 1.5 hrs :sweat_smile: …I came with a soln. 15 minutes before the contest ended for the 2nd soln., but thought that would cause TLE, that is why I didn’t try it, but the editorial showed the same soln. and now I am pissed off.

Great buddy!

I haven’t participated but was able to solve two questions in an hour and then went for sleep.

I think with this rank your rating will surely increase. :slight_smile: