How do I post a link to my code?

I have a doubt regarding the solution that I have submitted. How can I get a link of the code submitted by me?

  • Visit the problem page, say: TEST Problem - CodeChef

  • To the right of the headline “Life, the Universe, and Everything” you will see 3 buttons: “ALL SUBMISSIONS”, “MY SUBMISSIONS”, and “SUBMIT”. Click “MY SUBMISSIONS”.

  • You will see a list of your submitted programs. Pick the one you want, and on the far right of the row, click “View Solution”.

  • Copy and paste the link from your browser’s navigation bar into the Comment page: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone

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You will be given a name S.
You have to tell the length (number of characters in the name) of the name S.please solve the problem

But not all submissions are available, are they? What’s the rule?

We make all the solutions public for the problems used in a contest, once the contest is over.

Run time error why ?

You can get solution from all submission and ask for help on discussion section

Thanks for providing the tutorial how to do that.