How should a Coder improve?

Different people gave different opinion on this.

1.) Some told me that first learn everything (DS & ALGO) in 6 months to 1 year time, then start competing in contests not before that.

2.) On the other hand some told that start learning by competing in contests ,when you are not able to solve a problem look for the editorial and learn the topics .

So to all excellent coders out there, it would be grateful if you all share your views on this .
You can also share your story about from where you started and how you became a Hero Coder. It would be motivational for all.
Thanks in advance.


Okā€¦this is just what I feel+my opinionā€¦nothing elseā€¦ I donā€™t know if I am good/bad coderā€¦(I never categorize coders in good/bad types) ā€¦but I would like to share my ideasā€¦
1)Ok, at the beginning implementation problems should be done for a monthā€¦with knowledge of arrays, sorting, stl, etcā€¦

2)Now, if you are good with the first step, you can go for learning dp,maths,trees and graphs.

3)From my experience, most questions are from these topics or only a mixture ā€¦
4)Now, things should not be rushedā€¦ Say you are studying dpā€¦donā€™t expect it to be just 1-month processā€¦ Expect it to be a looong processā€¦ So while studying those topics, keep participating and upsolvingā€¦
5)Aim for deep clarity and understanding in all required topics even if you havenā€™t solved enough problems.
6)Its better to not compare yourself with others and feel sad, demotivated, etcā€¦ It wastes time and reduces your abilityā€¦
7)Focus should be more on enjoying solving problems and not on being a ā€˜Heroā€™ coder , as the later will cause disappointment and waste your timeā€¦
8)The best results will come to you when you donā€™t expect them ,i.e, focus on solving problems and not ratings/ranks.

I wish I could apply all the above 8-points to myself :slight_smile: