How to get jobs in a startup working on django

from 1st year i am doing django and i have made 4-5 projects till now and now i want a job

in any startup that works on django . So how to search for it

Go to

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bro to be honest with you. I have completed node ,react ,mongo ,sql in my 3rd year and you know there are tons of startup out there where you can join and you will get opportunity to learn so many things but dude do practice coding learn ds as these things are very important sometimes we think why do practice coding learn so many algorithms but dude at the end these things will matter and you will get to know when it becomes too late.
I am now in my final year. I am a passionate developer. Got opportunity to work with many startups but my inner soul is not satisfied. I want to learn so much about advanced DS and Algorithms.
you are in first year so you can spend 1 year in working with startups and then you will have enough time to learn advanced ds and algo. after that you can get a decent internship in some good company.