How to submit java code?

I am new to codechef.
And i am doing chef and stone problem. I have written the code.
When i submit it, it shows run time error. My code is right, i have run it on various test cases.
I think i am taking input in wrong way.
Can anyone tell me how to take input like if a file is needed or what? so that code can execute here correctly?

The problem you are doing is in a running contest, so for that we can`t see your submission.

For now you can try doing a question in the practise section and that can help you how to take input in JAVA, because the method is same for all the problems.

I would suggest you to do the TEST problem.

Hope it Helps.

Happy Coding!!!

try this piece of code:
for original refer : Submission #9164069 - Codeforces
the code template belongs to Petr Mitrichevhis blog

there is a sample solution for TEST is at solution_TEST_Java
I recommend to read the template from Petr’s profile, It should definitely help. And remember that java class that is named “Main” and is public will only run. If not found will throw compile error.

to read data like


3 10

3 4 5

4 4 5

you can use the above template.

May be array index error,divide by zero,wrong input method,

I didn’t get it. What is wrong here. i tried to attach the whole source file. its not even working. i mean it still saying ERROR but my Code is perfectly Alright. So how can i submit my java code?

Following this post. Faced this problem.

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check if u r exceeding the time limit

I have the same problem.

I am trying to submit my java code, but after I click submit, the page reloads and an empty code editor shows up, as if I never wrote any code(or uploaded any java file).
Tried both ways - uploading src code file
- copying my src code to the codechef editor.
Just doesn’t seem to work.

Any help?
Thank you.

I need help, im doing reader = new (new InputStreamReader(;

then reader.readLine() but its returning null. Sorry for posting an answer because Im not allowed to ask questions even though im a beginner.