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maybe… but I use python 3 only…

At line 8 there’s a mistake, you should iterate i to c - 2 or more specifically (i < c - 1). Then it will get accepted.

@ssjgz yeah i didn’t considered the said test case in my code.
As pointed out by @prashant_th18 i corrected that .
Thank you both of you.

hi, actually this was right… i should have defined the flag earlier before use…
But as I was running on jupyter it must have taken the previous cell’s flag and so i didn’t get the error at my side… I corrected it now, and the issue is solved… thanks a lot!!

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Hello, can anyone please help me find the error in my code?

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Can you explain how regex work?? even some reference or video editorial would work??

thanks a lot its working now :slight_smile:

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My code

please debug it or gimme test cases

Can someone help me to find the mistake in this solution ?

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And when you’ve fixed that: