I am a new user, help me know it

Where can I see the editorial after finishing the contest? Sorry for poor english.

Wait for a few more minutes. It will be published.

where? can you pls share with link?

Its not yet posted. Check after 5-10 minutes. It will be posted

I mean, It will be published in the discussion section or where?

Its published now. Find it in discussion page.
For your reference. Here is the password editorial- PASSWD - Editorial

thanks so much, I solved 3 problems :slight_smile: in div3

also pls let me know, how can I know, did it rated for me or not? I just clicked to here, then started solving problems on contest time, did I participate?

Yes, it rated you (you can check your rating in your profile) and you did participate.
For some contests you need to register, but the one you did (and all other Cook-offs, Lunchtimes and Long challenges) you just need to solve the problems during the contest time.