Invitation to CodeChef February Long Challenge 2020


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Why don’t you read the rules at bottom and figure it out? :slight_smile: .

PS: Not allowed.


Please solve my little doubt that 1st rank among those who applied for ccdsap scholarship in an university will get 100 % scholarship or Overall 1st rank no matter wheather the first rank holder have applied or not for the scholarship from that university?

Will get admin to reply to you.

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Any answer yet! I thought of reminding you Sorry for disturbance.


Overall list, ie including people who did not apply, is seen

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thank you very much Sir

@vijju123 :slight_smile:

Only for March exam, except for expert where it can be used in May exam.

3 rated contests clashing now !!

How ?

International Coding Marathon tomorrow

I do not think I can help much here. I think best to mail admin at , but I doubt anything can be done.

I am not participating in LONG. This is just out of curiosity.
I see in challenge problem div1 also has a score of 100 and div2 also has a score of 100 which means people are scored relatively to the topper of their division.
Isn’t this unfair given that the college topper will get 100% scholarship?? A person in div1 might get less score in challenge problem as compared to someone in div2 for the same code


I messaged cc about this and didn’t get any reply(they said they are looking into the matter).
It seems that normalization is not done.

True. The difference between the best solutions of two divisions is good enough to make rankings up and down.
But I don’t think normalization would be done.

But I think it can be done if they want to. Just writing a script will do. Open best submission and take it’s score ( not relative but absolute) and then normalize it. It not very non trivial.


Any extra To Do might be tedious for them.

For the DSA scholarship, the scores of the challenge problem (RAISINS) will be normalized across both the divisions. This will not affect the scores in the actual contest.
In particular, all the submissions on RAISINS from both the divisions will be considered, and their scores computed assuming they had been submitted in the same contest.

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