Invitation to CodeChef September Long Challenge 2018 sponsored by ShareChat!

No response or action till now, incredible.

Seems like they updated it, now people with double digit scores are getting some points. Not big enough to be visible on ranklist page tho.

I updated the announcement when I came to know of it. Thanks to @mgch :slight_smile:

@vijju123 how long does it take to rejudge? The scores of old submissions have not been updated yet.

Ping. xDDD

Try submitting the same solution again, that should update it.

Doesn’t help.

its okay @meooow. Assuming every possible case and submitting accordingly got me an AC. Still I think, if the probelm is not clear the setters should explain the problem with an example. The problem had left too much for us to understand.

So ??


lol I know his comment was silly, but @aryanc403 that was so mean xD