Invitation to CoderFest 1.O

Greetings Codechef Community!

I hope you are healthy and staying indoors. I invite you to participate in CoderFest 1.O in collaboration with PSIT Kanpur, this Saturday, 15th May.

Time: 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM IST.

The contest features 6 problems of varying difficulty and is 3 hours long. It will be served with some delicious partially graded problems (IOI-Style) - where you get a score for passing certain test data, along with the details of the failed test cases, if any :slight_smile:

The problems in this round are prepared by @codedreamer_dg, @sethhritik, @hash16.


Huge thanks to entire CodeChef Team for their invaluable help and their great platform.

Good Luck!

Hope to see you participating!!

Happy Programming!!

PS: Editorial to the problems will be released soon after the contest ends.


We will be waiting for you all.

Happy Coding ! :smiley:

Update: Merit Certificates shall be awarded to the Top 10 participants.

Good Luck everyone! Hope to see you on the leaderboard.

You need to fill this Google Form in order to obtain Certificates. One can obtain this link from the contest page as well.


Is it rated?

same question

Unfortunately, No!

Friendly Reminder, the contest starts in less than 5 minutes!

I submitted Solution of STRQRYCF ​at 6:33PM during the contest but It showed that my code was only able to pass subtask #2 and I got twenty points < but after contest got over The same code passed all test cases …
here is my solution of STRQRYCF

It shows that my code passed all test cases but I still have total score of 20 which should have been 100.

Yes, there was some problem in the test data for STRQRYCF. After the contest, the problem was rectified and the solutions were rejudged. The scores and rank-list are not updated yet. I would suggest please be patient, it will be updated and shared with you all soon.

@codedreamer_dg Is it fair the solution which gives 100 points in the contest became 20 points after the contest?. The problem was with your test data you should have rectified it before the contest or make the announcement during the contest. I made my last submission at 5:13 whereas the contest ended at 7:00, if your team had rectified it earlier I could have made the required corrections in my solution. I think instead of deducting the score, it’s more justified to discard this problem as it severely effect the ranking.

whatever saying is right but why are you so much concerned about rank in unrated contest.

Thank you for participating. I hope you had a great time solving those problems.

As promised, Merit Certificates will be awarded to the Top 10 participants.

The Certificates can also be found here.

The Certificates are issued by CodeWithGeeks. They can be verified using the Certificate Number written on Certificates on

I want to inform you that the editorials for the problems are out. I am listing out the links to the editorials below. You may refer them as per your requirements.

  1. Miser Travelling - MRTRAVEL - Editorial
  2. Positional XOR - PXORCF - Editorial
  3. Think and Compute - TCOMPUTE - Editorial
  4. Guess the Code - GESSCODE - Editorial
  5. Game H - GAMEH - Editorial
  6. String and Queries - STRQRYCF - Editorial