Invitation to iiitv.str()

Hello CodeChef Community,

I would like to invite you all to the STR2020 - the the Annual Long-style Coding Contest of IIIT Vadodara. We’re 10 hours into the contest and you still have 26 hours more to go! This is an IOI-style contest with a marathon of 8 questions for you.

Problems of all levels of difficulty have been set. So this contest is for everyone.

Prizes: 250 laddus each to top 3 global participants and top 5 performers from IIIT Vadodara would be awarded attractive prizes, worth ₹3.5k :trophy:.

Schedule: 17th October, 12:00 to 19th October, 00:00.

Link to contest page:

The following registration form is only for IIIT Vadodara students to be eligible for prizes:


Nice questions based on unique approaches!! :slightly_smiling_face:


is this contest rated or not

No , contest is not rated. :slightly_smiling_face:

@hellb0y_suru Please publish the editorials.

Really nice set of questions. You guys have the talent to host full fledeged contests. Hoping for a short contest next time soon <3


all editorial will be published shortly.
for CHFMNT it is CHFMNT-Editorial


Editorial for problem QUEFNX ?

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Editorial for TRP - TRP Editorial

Editorial For WEIRDTOP - WEIRDTOP - Editorial

Plz make editorial of factor question.

yess sure! It will be updated within 15 minutes.

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Editorial for INVASION - Alien Invasion Editorial

Editorial for DOGGO - DOGGO -Editorial

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Editorial for PERRY - PERRY -Editorial

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Editorial for QUEFNX - QUEFNX-Editorial

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Thanks for the editorial (especially proof) and nice set of problems.