Issue with new UI of the CodeChef Practice

I want to bring to your notice that the UI in the practice problems has some issues.

We can’t navigate to the questions with a particular number of submissions easily. We have to hit the next arrow-like 75 times to reach some parts of the list. previously it used to be fine.

I think this is a major bug and has to be resolved.

Thank you for the platform.


Since we are at it. Is there a way to view more than 10 problems on one page?
10/20/50/100/All would be helpful.

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Maybe, mine was a bad idea. I asked them to do that for Peer problems since they are numerous. I didn’t think this would affect the experience badly. :man_facepalming:

Edit: Infinite Scroll can be better I guess.

There is a jump to page button now in the practice section. Rows per page is also added.

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The new UI isn’t good. Suppose I sorted the questions bases on submissions, then to reach a specific problem, I have to click the next page arrow again and again which is so annoying. The infinite scroll was so convenient to use. Please look into this matter.

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