KPATHQRY - Editorial

This is very similar problem based upon eulerian tour !


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Well it seems codechef has started copying its own past problems (that too word by word)

Exactly same problem appeared in one of codechef contests in 2015

KNODES problem on codechef

Read this problem and compare with the current problem!

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So are you reporting Codechef for plagiarism now :rofl:

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lemme_crack a joke

How can I check solution 48995871 for input file INPUT

And will this give TLE for other solutions submitted for the question?
Iā€™m stuck with this please help.

Your code works fine
The problem is that you are just resizing the adj list, that doesnt clear the past test case data, it will just resize the list.
You should instead write adj = vector<vector>(n + 1)
here i corrected it.