Long Challenges

Does solving a problem before others give a better rating to someone during the long challenge?

Time and penalties matter only in Cook offs and Lunctime. In case of Long Challenges it doesn’t matter how early you have solved compared to others. Only your accepted submissions are considered for rank and ratings calculation, irrespective of time and penalties.


only score is considered for rating changes in Long Challenges unlike codeforces,topcoder,atcoder.

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Who will be first if both have the same score and no wrong answers for both of them ?

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Both of them will receive same rank.
In Long Challenges time and penalties doesn’t matter. So even if any one of them has plenty of WA and the other has none WA,(provided both of them solved same number of questions) both of them will be equally ranked.


So if someone tries only one problem and he gets wrong answer and his total score is 0
Will his ratings get affected ?

He will get last rank


ok thanks !! @anon55659401

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