Long contest should be unrated(Y/N)?

We all know that there are lot of cases of cheating in long contest, i want to know how many of you are in favour of unrated long contest.
(opinion may vary, i know!)

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there is no need for a new thread on this topic, if you are interested in the discussion you can read some of the hundreds of posts that discuss this



there already exist many posts on this topic…check those out.
Also, NO

These kind of posts have become a tradition after every long challenge lmaoo


This question should be automatically banned

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Nice user name by the way

Nice username!

rated or unrated, if you want to improve focus on yourself more.

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This question comes after every long challenge.:joy::sweat_smile:

true that


Sorry, that i asked :pensive:

dw np

and this type of username also!

Definitely No, There are many contests available which are unrated and all the problems in the practice section are unrated, you can solve them too. The main purpose of rated contest is that more participants try the problem and give there best. This also motivates problem setters to set good problems.

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Aww shit , Here we go again.