Love Babbar DSA mastery list!

Cool, was looking for something like this! Thanks

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Major Patch has been released.
Key changes

  • More Readable content.
  • A better UI/UX.

Ek dum mast.


Thanks mkitkat now I’ll be able to prepare and keep a track of solved problems.:heart:


Hi, @mkitkat I have a suggestion, I have solved a few questions and when i was going through the list. The questions are not set in sorted order according to difficulty by Love Babbar, I found some hard questions before easy ones, So it may be difficult for beginners to choose which question to solve first, Because there are some questions which are dependent on others, Since you are collecting the number of questions solved by each user and displaying them on leaderboard, Might as well make a graph of most solved question in each sections. It will be easier for someone to choose which question to attempt first, Because literally there are 5-6 DP questions in each section and that too among the first few questions, It will be really helpful to see some stats or graph thing if possible.

P.S: Just a suggestion not complaining about the order of questions, Just suggesting.


Hi @sameer_bamanha, That’s a great idea! I will try to implement these features and will let you whenever we roll out the changes.
Your requests has been noted by us.

Happy to make a difference


We are getting close to 1K user, current count is 719!

Share application link with your friends and let’s start practising!

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Great work man !!


Thanks man! Don’t forget to share

Great Work, it is really helpful to access questions easily. Thanks for this.

I would like to add a suggestion here if you add a feature of marking problems for which we feel difficult and should have to revise(solve) once again or not prepared well(personally some problem felt hard ) so for marking, it will be also helpful.
Thanks again.

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