Mass Cheating in January Long , make it unrated(PLEASE)

Is it only me or someone else noticed that 90% of WIPL submission made in JAVA and almost all of them are same solution . Increasing popularity of JAVA ? I think not … LOL


How did you estimate that though I mean that is there a way to get language distribution of the submissions?

How about people who played fair and got a positive rating change? Would it be fair to undo all of their work as well? I don’t think so. I would rather ban every account involved in cheating. However, it is also not an ideal solution. Once upon the time, I accidentally used ideone and somebody copied my solution. As much as I understand my mistake, I don’t think that rating penalty is a solution, I would just exclude people from standings on the first occasion, especially if there is no established evidence of intentional cheating (that’s it, I don’t know the person who copied my solution back in February 2019).

I don’t know anything about this case but saying that if somebody is using python and C++ is probably cheating is just wrong. Especially in long challenges. I myself prefer and use almost exclusively python, but there was a case when my python code got TLE even though my algorithm was correct so I implemented the same algorithm in C++ and got all test cases accepted. (This was in another platform’s long challenge, but you get the idea.) Certain things are much faster in C++ than in python and I sometimes switch if I feel that is the case.


:joy: true that,

Plagiarism detector stopped working or what ?


no please don’t make it unrated :(.

Just go to submission page select language and AC you will see the stats