MAY Long Challenge 2021 - Asking for opinion

I agree should be unrated for everyone


No worries.

It wasn’t a sarcastic question. I was genuinely interested in knowing. Thanks for the reply!

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Codechef is like a dramatic platform .Codechef doesn’t
create a serious contest like Codeforces.

What do you mean by a serious contest ?

In this platform people spent more time on discuss section rather than solving a question .I think
this platform converted into debate platform like Republic TV.People asking and posting the thing which are irrelevant to programming

Serious contest means they have have fixed time of contest either contest is going on or not.

All contests on CodeChef have a fixed duration as far as I remember

Then why some coder asking about May Long challenge is going to happen or not.I think u got it what am I saying

It’s happening and is unrated for div-1, what’s the problem ?

It’s ok cool dude. I am not talking only about this this .By the way if u have 5* or 6* star I don’t
think long challenge is more appropriate.Div 1 contest may look forward for other platform like Codeforces.

@admin check this @avx_5801 guy’s April Long Challenge Solutions most of them are plagiarized. Kindly take action.


wow what i am seeing. Have you contacted I remember i did but got no reply

An option for users to participate in the long challenge with it being unrated for them is required. Like users can opt for it even before seeing the problem statements.

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I think they made a fantastic decision by making it unrated for DIV 1.

Reasons (why I think it could be)

  • The reason for cheating in LONG CHALLENGES is due to code availability in public platforms like YouTube, Telegram Groups, WhatsApp, etc

  • Analyzing this situation we obviously know leaked answers for very easy questions doesn’t affect majority of the participants’ rating (I’m not telling it is fine, but the impact is less).

  • We also know that, when solutions of easy-medium, medium and hard questions are leaked, ratings of a lot of participants are affected. Now understanding that participants in DIV 2 or DIV 3 aren’t usually the ones who’ll be able to solve the hard questions.

  • It is usually the DIV 1 coders who usually crack open the solution for hard problems. And then the cheating starts from there. So if you make it unrated for DIV1 there’s a lot of possibility that DIV1 coders will not be in interested to participate, and there is a possibility of cheating being reduced in LONG CHALLENGES.

And yes, I obviously know this will not eradicate cheating completely as solutions to hard problems can also be solved by DIV 2 coders and we don’t currently have a solution for that. But making DIV 1 unrated can significantly reduce cheating. So kudos to CODECHEF and @admin team for such a decision.

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Can’t agree more , I stopped participating in Long after reaching Div 1 because of the cheating and ratings issue , P.S.: I know I don’t participate in Short as well nowadays but it is because of time issues .

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You should take a look at his motto, lol :joy:


I am slightly disappointed, particularly if this is going to be a regular thing. The Long Challenge is the only Codechef competition I regularly participate in. Most of my competitive programming is on Codeforces, but I like the Long Challenge format where one can actually spend time researching problems, rather than working against a short timescale, and I don’t know any other sites that do similar long challenges.

I will probably still participate, but if this becomes the regular rule for the long challenge my Codechef rating will never change again.

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Actually it might make sense to completely separate one’s long challenge rating and division from one’s short challenge rating. In some ways the skills needed are rather different for the two types of challenges, and if people feel the long challenge ratings are unreliable (due to cheating or other reasons) they could simply ignore them.


I almost never participated in long challenges due to the cheating involved (and also at times wasn’t sure I would be able to spend few days on the contest). So I might now finally try participating again in long contests as I feel they have good problems and editorials.